US Direct from Malaysia

US Direct from Malaysia

Your US Shipping Specialist for e-commerce, trading and industrial shipments.

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    US is one of the largest international e-commerce market in the world behind China, and they represent 19.4% of total global retail ecommerce sales in 2017. However, US remain as a top destination for both seller and buyer to interact due to its good governance of ecommerce platform and border control.ADS has been serving US since 2009 on B2B and B2C shipments, from working with global integrators to building up own network and fulfilments to cater for the growth of e-commerce.

    With our experience and good relations with custom border agency, ADS able to clear your shipments whether by courier, air or sea freight. With such relations, importing are made easy and ensure peace of mind to both shipper and receiver. Apart from that, ADS operate a fulfillment center in New York, where we can store, fulfill and manage return orders. As each merchant will have their own set of requirements in logistics to distinguish its products with competitor, ADS are ready to assist whenever possible.

    Whether you’re shipping to your customer directly to home and office address, or fulfill to FBA, we have the experience and right pricing for you.

    Speak to us to discover more.

    • No Residential surcharge for e-commerce delivery
    • Act as your Import of Records
    • More relax import procedure
    • Manage and consolidate return order
    • Act as your representative in US
    • Enable mechant to ship from US to worldwide
    • Seller on Ebay, Amazon, Facebook or own website
    • FDA shipments to individual
    • Seller who want to place inventory in US for greater access to US and global markets
    • Seller expanding to USA
    • Business looking for one stop solutions
    • Business or individual who want to buy from USA