ADS help to store and manage your inventory physically and provide a cloud based software for you to monitor your inventory at stock level. You no longer relied on emails and phone calls to get updated inventory list.  You can manage your purchase and sales order all thru ADS own Warehouse Management System (WMS) system without having to deal with tons of paperwork.

The system is available for you at 24/7, you can plan your inventory at anytime and anywhere you want. As soon as your items sold, ADS will pick and pack the items and ship it out for you in the shortest possible time. Order can be push to ADS thru open API or thru user updating in ADS customer portal.

With ADS e-fulfillment services, you get both fulfillment and WMS system all under one roof. That’s mean, You can now focus on building your product line and selling them. We take care all the hard work for you.

Express Logistics