Airfreight Forwarding

Air freight is about speed with high demands on accuracy and dependability. We provide our customers complete flexibility by offering two levels of service, Door to Door and Door to Airport.
Both services offer the following:

  • Flexible options
  • Global coverage
  • Total visibility
  • High quality airline partners
  • Import/export

Door-to-Door service
We will manage our shipment though its entire journey, from the collection from customer’s premises to the selection of the most reliable direct route to the destination airport, customs clearance and final delivery to our customer on the date promised.

Door-to-Airport service
We will provide the same high level of service and manage our shipment right through to the final destination airport. After arrival we rapidly handover the documentation to the control of us or our customers nominated agents or brokers for final clearance and delivery.

Industry Solutions
ADS has extensive expertise in most major vertical markets, with dedicated teams who have unique insight into our customers’ needs. Our major customers in the automotive, industrial, telecoms, electronics, computing, healthcare, lifestyle and postal sectors all benefit from ADS’s detailed knowledge and understanding of their industries.

To meet the needs of large enterprises, our teams work closely with you to develop solutions that help optimize and manage infrastructure, processes and technologies. With years of experience in reducing logistics costs and inventory, we use the latest technologies to streamline the supply chain, ensuring the fastest, most reliable route from suppliers to end-customers.

ADS’s tailors unique express logistics solutions to meet the exact needs of our customers in all these industries. Our expanding portfolio of value added solutions has already answered some of the most difficult logistical challenges in the world. And we are always ready to answer yours.

AirFreight Forwarding