World Wide Export Express

World Wide Export Express are cater for individual or business that require time definite deliveries. Shipments move under World Wide Export Express are going thru one of the world fastest route and delivery partners where delivery around the world can be expect as fast as Next Day to 5 business days.

The most exciting things about us is you get MASSIVE SAVINGS on World Wide Export Express as compared to world leading courier networks while in the same time no compromise on transit time. 

All shipments are traceable from the moment it has been pick up by our driver until deliveries to consignee. Customers’ can perform bulk tracking or reporting thru ADS customer portal.

As World Wide Export Express are moving at a fast speed, it is important to comply to International Shipping Guidelines and Destination custom requirements before shipping. ADS has our own in house brokerage support team to assist our customers, simply click on below Messenger to speak to us to find out regulations on items that you will ship.

Restricted & Prohibited Items

3 Easy Steps to use ADS

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Print Label and Invoice from ADS Portal

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