E-commerce logistics

ADS freight forwarding service is the finest and most consistent for e-commerce business because e-commerce business is completely counting on time, winner in the market is the one who delivers goods in lesser time providing movement status.

ADS work in the shadow of technological yields to meet the demands of customers and provide the services according to the set of circumstances.

E-commerce logistics are simply to be said strenuous because of multiple deliveries at several locations throughout the country even though e-commerce is reaching international deliveries these days.  ADS offers services specifically to counter all the challenges of e-commerce logistics.

To cater to Malaysia SME traders, we have specifically customized a China Import Express services to assist SMEs in importing from China with hassle free and completely affordable pricing. Do contact us for more information on our China Import Services.

Meanwhile, in ADS we are assisting local e-commerce exporters exporting to US with ADS own dedicated network. Exporter will enjoy great savings in their shipping to US due to ADS purchasing power in cargo space. We book daily cargo space with airlines to ensure our customers have access to cargo space to US even though on peak season. Do get in touch with us for more information? If you’re an eBay or Amazon seller, you just came to the right place.

E-Commerce Logistics