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About Us

We acknowledged the growth of e-commerce and the distruptive forces that came with it. Doing business may not be the same again in both acquiring and maintaining a customer. We hope to add values to businesses who wishes to embark on e-commerce by being an e-commerce enabler. ADS has been around since 2008 serving industrial and trading customers on international airfreight and express needs. Along the years, we have build a stong relationship with our partners across the world and with these experiences and relationship we are now tailoring logistics services for e-commece sector.

No doubt e-commerce has change many people lives from the way they use to conduct their day to day chores. The more simplicity e-commerce brings to everyone lives, behind it came along with the complexitiy of managing the expectations of users. Logistics had become even more complex with e-commerce distrupting every channel along the supply chain. Hence, we have customized our services into three sector Sourcing, Management and Distribution to better assist our customers in managing and plan their supply chain and delivery model.

If you’re looking for someone who can help you to import your goods internationally, manage custom, store your inventory, pick and pack once order received, distribution and return service then you have found the right partner.

If you’re constantly having custom issue in both importing and exporting, no status updates, late delivery, run out of inventory space, too many last mile deliveries company to handle, perhaps we may be able to help you.